Iuliana Chitu

Hi, my name is Iuliana Chitu and I’ve joined Alcatel (acquired by Nokia in 2014) 23 years ago. Even though I have a Computer Science bachelor’s degree , I’ve embraced the chance of working in Telecom industry. I’ve started as an integration engineer in the Fixed Networks, then switched to Optical Networks as part of a software development team working on Alcatel optical cross-connect switch.
Onwards, for over a decade I was a Customer Development Engineer for a Project Management tool used by the external telecom customers to manage and control their Mobile GSM Rollout projects. This role required a wide range of technical skills and soft skills. Part of the activities was mostly performed on client site while the other part was done remotely. Therefore, I’ve had many international assignments in several European and Asian countries.
My actual job is to deliver Nokia SDN/NFV (Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization) solutions to different telco customers. This field is in full evolution, as the pandemics increased the amount of Internet traffic to unprecedent level.
I am a happy mother of two kids. I love reading, listening to music, travelling and gardening.